Breeze Booth
for iPad

Breeze Booth for iPad is a powerful photo booth app that has been designed with flexibility, redundancy and creativity in mind. Design unique, custom interfaces/user experiences and quickly deploy them to a fleet of iPads using trusted cloud services (Dropbox, iCloud etc) or via your own private and secure web servers.

from $49 per month or $440 per year



Custom Experiences

Breeze Booths features the most powerful and flexible interface designer of any iPad app in the industry. Create graphically stunning designs, complex multi-menu navigations, engaging data surveys and customised keyboards, with the windows based Event Editor.

White Label as standard

Make it yours. Make it your clients. Breeze Booth can be re-skinned to make it look like your very own photo booth software. Deploy remote and unattended iPads without fear of clients knowing what software you use.


Securely Sync Events

Centrally set up events, interfaces and image branding via the easy to use Event Editor app. Quickly and securely deploy to your iPads usinfg trusted sync software (such as Dropbox, iCloud) or through your own web servers.


Flexible Licensing

Restrict access to specific users and iPads with the web based licensing app. Combine this with tokens on the iPad to create a powerful system for safely deploying un-attended and remote managed photo booths.


Print & Share

Print photos using AirPrint, and share images via the inbuilt iOS mail and messages apps. Or, for superior results, use Breeze Hub to print to the full range of Dye Sub printers and send emails and sms with total creative control.


Make it digital.

Breeze Booth for iPad makes it a snap to create digital images, slideshow GIFs and burst/boomerang GIFs. Add digital overlays, animated overlays, custom color filters and digital AR props to create unique digital outputs.


Even more power

Breeze Booth not only gives you all the creative tools to create exceptional experiences, but also a range of very powerful tools to connect and expand your hardware and software to 3rd party systems.

Your two new best friends.

Breeze Hub | Event Editor


Breeze Hub

Print and Share Images.

At the event
Breeze Hub is a small but powerful Windows companion app that can be run at your event, to allow for single or multiple Breeze Booth iPads to print to any Windows printer (eg, professional dye subs). In addition, it can also share your images via email and SMS without having to use external cloud services. All done locally at your event.

At your office
Running multiple iPads across multiple events?
Sync images back to your office (with Dropbox, iCloud) and have Breeze Hub centrally handle all of the emailing and SMS’ing of images at your events. This enables you to create a more private and secure method of sharing. 


Event Editor

Create and Sync Events.

Create Events
Setup and create events, build print layouts and custom GIFs using the Windows based Event Editor. Sync events quickly and easily to a single iPad, or a fleet of iPads, using trusted sync software such as Dropbox or iCloud.

Interface Designer
Breeze Booth for iPad features the most flexible and powerful interface designer of any iPad software on the market. Create totally custom experiences, complex multi menu systems and engaging data surveys, with the drag and drop editor.

Runs Offline
Event Editor does not require internet to create events, interfaces and layouts. Have the peace of mind and redundancy knowing that you can still get set up, even with no, or slow internet.


Getting Started